Antique Blue & Green Flower Design Decorative & Wall Hanging Ceramic Platter


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This decorative plate is something that will never make you hate. Designed with flower pattern decorations, this plate will add a royal touch to your personification. Mesmerize your visitors while using both for a serving plate or decoration purposes. This antique blue & green flower decorative ceramic serving & wall hanging platter is an introduction towards contemporary designs that are infused with refined taste and craftsmanship.


– Wash the ceramic plate in warm, soapy water as you would wash other ceramic utensils
– Wipe both the inside and exterior surface of your ceramic plate
– Rinse the plate thoroughly with clean water
– Handle with care as they might break with a slight jerk


– Available in 8-inch size
– Comes in white colour
– Belongs to the family of Jaipur blue pottery