Sansevieria Green Hahnni

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Black Dotted Mini Ceramic Planter, Orange Dotted Planter, Pattern Hexagon Dark Green Planter, White Dotted Cup Shaped Blue Planter, White Dotted Cup Shaped Red Planter


Thinking about decorating your home with a contemporary touch. No need to worry, as Sansevieria Green Hahnni is the best one that you can choose for the above cause. Having this plant at your home will be an added benefit to purify the air. Place it in your workspace or bedroom to make the air healthier. The Sansevieria Green Hahnni plant has tall, statement leaves and is perfect to add a hint of colour to any room. While complimenting any theme of your home, this plant comes over a white black dotted ceramic planter, which makes it suitable for every home decor.


Pot Height – 3″ White black dotted ceramic planter  

PLEASE NOTE: The plants that you receive at your doorstep may look different from the images shown on our website. The appearance may change because of climate, age, height, shipping, weather, etc. All our plants, in case of damage, are replaceable but not returnable. Terms & Conditions applied.


– Requires bright to medium light – Recommended to water once a week – Ideal to grow in bright indoor – Requires low maintenance and has air purifying capabilities – Offer balanced fertilization, do not fertilize during winters